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We actually stumbled across cryptocurrency as kind of an accident, and quickly realised we could help people and business from all around the world adopt blockchain technology. Why is this important? For many years we have seen the big corporations taking huge profits and have too much control and power while our small and medium businesses haven’t played on the level playing field. It’s sad to see someone working hard and sending money back overseas to their families only to lose a good percentage due to big corporations greed. Blockchain technology now allows all of us to take profits and high fees back and put it back into our own pockets.


Over time and many hours of research we found that this technology was here to stay but we could not find many companies that could help in the adoption of these revolutionary products.

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The treatment of a patient is defined as “the treatment of the disease in which the pathogen exists.” Treatment refers to using an antibiotic to “kill” (stop) some or all of the pathogen that was causing the illness. Thus, there are two main types of empiric treatment:
Invasive: An empiric agent can kill the pathogen to an appreciable degree with surgical, chemical, chemical or even mechanical means. Antibiotics may also be used intradermally to treat viruses for several days before treatment and if desired. Interventional: While these agents may not cause immediate or permanent relief from a chronic, serious or deadly disease, they certainly can contribute to the resolution of the patient’s symptoms.
Clinical: Antibiotics are the standard treatment for treatment of patients with viral infections, which are often of acute or latent disease. In many settings, an array of empiric drugs is used to treat acute or acute-like conditions such as pneumonia and tuberculosis.
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Prolonged use of antibiotics in elderly patients will not decrease the risk of a relapse in severe or acute bacterial infections. The risk of developing infection after prolonged systemic administration and prolonged antibiotic therapy increases with time. The risk of dying from antibiotic-related serious diseases is approximately five times higher than the risk of dying from a bacterial infections if treatment is discontinued at the appropriate time.

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The risk of dying from both bacterial infections (Bacterial Infection – BIC), and both bacterial and fungal infections (Bacterial Infection – CF), with prolonged treatment is approximately five times higher than the risk of dying from either of the latter if treatment is discontinued at the appropriate time when appropriate and necessary (Dixon and O’Toole, 2011).
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The treatment includes, but is not limited to, dosing with the given antibiotic, an intravenous treatment as well as using local anesthetic to sedate the patient and then, after a short period of inactivity, a supportive care group treatment.
In contrast to standard medicine (which prescribes drugs for a particular purpose), traditional medical school textbooks and manuals are not available anywhere and provide only vague clinical instructions regarding the treatment (e.g., one of the textbook authors wrote). The practice of traditional medicine in modern West African practice has been described by Dr. Yomani Yamei (2002). It involves the use of various therapies including herbal medicine, pharmacological injections, and acupuncture (see, for example, the text of this paper). Traditional practitioners often are not able to provide the proper and appropriate clinical care for every individual (Mansour et al., 2012). A major difference between them is the availability of modern medicine. This would be the case when the health care practitioners themselves have no alternative to the traditional medical treatments. They are using modern medicine and alternative therapies of which traditional wisdom is not part of the tradition. This is one of the common reasons why traditional healing practices are still practiced in communities in West Africa where the traditional practices of traditional medicine are not yet available (Mansour et al., 2012). The medical students are in direct competition with the traditional physicians and are in a better position to practice this method of medical care than the traditional physicians do. On this view, modern medicine is superior and should be the practice of doctors and not of the students. As explained in the introduction, doctors are in a more skilled position to recognize the differences and differences in the treatment methods used in traditional medicine compared to the modern medicine.

This is when we welcomed and launched our business EZ Crypto in January 2018.

Yes, we’re a bit nerdy! We love good tech and all the opportunities that the technology in the Crypto industry offers.

Excited doesn’t cut it for us! EZ Crypto is on this journey to global adoption. As an early adopter we want to help you cut out the unnecessary noise in this space!

This is when we welcomed and launched our business EZ Crypto in January 2018.

Contacting EZ Crypto today means you have access to our world of knowledge.

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As an early adopter we want to help you succeed by cutting out the unnecessary noise, leaving you with success.


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The EZ Crypto team make the complex world of cryptocurrency understandable and give the opportunity for huge profits

Douglas B


I began trading in cryptocurrencies in early 2017, while I had some successes I also had a lot of losses attributed to buying too late, not selling at the right time and not having a stop loss in place. Since I have been utilising the EZCRYPTO signals I have minimised losses and maximised my profits. I am able to select which coin signals I want to enter and because they come with a sell target and stop loss target the hard work is done for me. EZCRYPTO has turned my trading mindset around and I love adding sats to my bag!

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