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Everyone has a unique reason for wanting to increase their Bitcoin holdings, with the long term view that Bitcoin will increase in value year on year EZ Crypto wants to help you earn more Bitcoin. The gains earned monthly can be spent through simple programs such as a credit card that converts your Bitcoin to cash straight away and allows you to purchase everyday products at any store that accepts EFTPOS too purchasing larger items such as vehicles and homes. If you want to reinvest your gains back into your trading that is also encouraged – this way your monthly gains will increase.

EZ Crypto wants to remove the time it takes you to find a good trade setup and provide you with the exact sell and stop loss targets, we want to protect your holdings by implementing a strong risk management plan.

Trade signals are sent out in our private discord group and the admin are ready to assist if you get stuck – the team is creating a series of video’s to help make trading EZ!

If you want to start making strong gains in Crypto and don’t know where to start than contact us for a chat, act now and take advantage of the volatility

We trade on the below exchanges, create your account today.

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  • Bitmex trading
  • Binance trading
  • Bybit trading
  • Trade signals with exact targets and stop loss
  • Guidance on how to get started for beginners
  • Risk managed trades
‘If our signals don’t produce a minimum of 20% gains for all signals combined each month there is no charge for that months subscription! It doesn’t get much better than that – Start trading today’
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