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An internet owned, operated and shared by its users

Become part of the infrastructure that is creating a new internet. 
Skywire is creating the next generation internet designed to be faster, more private, and decentralised from typical Internet Service Providers.

How Skywire works

Skywire is the next evolutionary step in the internet’s development and use. We want to break the  chokehold that internet service providers (ISPs) have on the market by giving the power back to the  people. We are doing this by providing a decentralized community-driven mesh network where users  themselves will own and control the network’s infrastructure.

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Fast internet

It is FAST

It is faster than you can think! It doesn’t suffer from throttling and other service disruptions that you get with large ISPs. Skywire’s protocol is based on software-defined networking that makes the current online protocols seem outdated.  The ability to connect  to multiple nodes at once drastically increases throughput and redundancy.


It gives you an extra layer of protection so you can’t be tracked as you browse. Instead of paying every month to be tracked by the ISP (which then sells your browsing data without permission), the EZ Crypto community will have internet service that protects their privacy.

Private internet
Incentivised Internet


Eventually, Skywire will become a wireless mesh network (WMN). Users can earn both Skycoin and Coin Hours for running hardware nodes that provide both bandwidth and storage to the entire network. Users can then spend earned Coin Hours on content and other network resources, whatever they wish.


Skywire is created by users for users. Users dictate the decisions made on the network and the network operates on a web of trust where malicious nodes can be cut off from the main Skywire network via collective agreement of the community. This consensus model allows Skywire to be immune from attacks, exploitation and manipulation.

Secure internet

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